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Diamond Engagement Rings, When Your Ready to Take the Next Step

engageChoosing an engagement ring can be overwhelming. You want to find the “best” engagement ring for your tastes, budget and lifestyle.

Engagement rings can be set in gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum and yellow gold.

Next you need to consider the shape of the diamond. Diamond shapes include, round, square or rectangular, pear shaped, triangular, marquise and oval.

Round is probably still the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings.
Square and rectangular diamond shapes include princess cut, emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds.

ringYou may notice the term “ideal cut” when you shop for an engagement ring. This means the diamond has been cut in a way that makes the best use of its characteristics even if more of the rough stone has to be removed.

As you can see there are many things to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring. Take time to shop, look at all our diamonds, and ask as many questions as possible before you make your final decision. At Bradford Jewellery and Gems our knowledgeable staff will address your questions, and help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

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