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Make Your Important Diamond Purchase with the Help of Experts at Bradford Jewellery by Peter Dykie

Diamonds are a mineral made from carbon that is transparent form. It is the hardest known naturally occurring Mineral. Diamonds are so hard and can be cut so sharp, diamond tip blades are often used in intricate eye surgery. The physical qualities of diamonds make them very resistant to scratching; they hold a polish extremely well and therefore retain their luster. The hardness of a diamond and its high dispersement of light make it one of the most sought after stones in Jewellery.

Considered the “king of gems” it glitters, dazzles, and symbolizes purity and strength. As a symbol of love it is used for engagement rings, eternity bands, and marks the pinnacle of sustained love as the stone for the 75th wedding anniversary. Bradford Jewellery serves Newmarket, Bradford and Aurora area.

Looking for diamonds in Bradford, Newmarket, Queensville, Sharon, York Region or South Simcoe? Diamonds can be used for more than just rings. Diamonds in any setting are a gift that speaks volumes: diamond bracelets, diamond ear studs, diamond drop earrings, diamond pendants, diamond channel set necklaces, charm necklaces, or in a combination diamond/gemstone necklace; diamonds make an impressive gift.